• 1890's

    Public NoticeThe 1890's

    Pongakawa School was established in 1892, after the Education Board of the District of Auckland held a Public Meeting at the Poungakawa (sic) Post Office on the 19th June 1891.

    An initial Committee was formed and arrangements for the School were put in place. The original schoolhouse was moved away some years ago, and is currently sited on the old Blaymires property on Maniatutu Rd.

    The First Day

    The first day, 22nd February 1892 saw 17 new students.

    These were:

    The children of Henry Benner:

    Mabel, Maud, Amy, Albert, and Amelia

    The children of Henry Elliott:

    Sydney, Henrietta, Eruetuia, Lonsdale and Mabel,

    The children of William Garrett:

    Ella, William, Fanny, Alexander, Mary & Nelson,

    The daughter of Samuel Langsford:


    First Day

    Over the next week another child, Ann Pursely attended, but there were no additional students attended until later in the year.

    Over the next 8 years about 100 (??) students attended Pongakawa School. It is interesting to note that the spelling Poungakawa was sometimes used various documents relating to the time.